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Focusing on a market will help you attract customers. That’s because instead of competing with every other T-shirt printer, concentrating on a distinct segment helps set you apart. It also provides you with an improved chance of becoming called the go-to supplier for customers because niche.

Offers high durability and vivid colours given it uses thicker inks than other methods

The biggest problem with the velvet strategy is that this bristles breakdown easily after being exposed to water or detergent. In addition, velvet screen printing cannot be used on detailed and complex designs.

Below, we have outlined all three t shirt printing options, to provide you with an improved comprehension of each process. Whether you invest in your own printer or work with a local supplier, it’s worth knowing how each printing technique works.

Don’t have a design yet? Check out our ultimate help guide t-shirt design where we cover everything you should know to style a t-shirt you’ll love. You’ll learn to pick the right style, imagery, colors and typography, so you’ll end up getting an ideal t-shirt design.

The plain white T-shirt could possibly have caused a stir in America inside 50s, however it had miles to go in realising its full possibility of, as Nothdruft terms it, ‘disruption’. By the time A Streetcar Named Desire screened in cinemas, graphic tees were already one thing. T-shirts with the name ‘Oz’ emblazoned to them appeared in 1939’s The Wizard of Oz, and – perhaps inspired from the wonderful wizard’s minions in Emerald City – Republican candidate Thomas E Dewey used the first-ever slogan T-shirt in their 1948 ‘Dew it with Dewey’ presidential campaign. While Dewey lost to Truman, he’d still made history, albeit in a very different context.


This can help you better appreciate how your designs will look after they are printed, and also the mockups will also be useful when the time comes to advertise your shirts. The easiest way to make it happen is to apply one of the many T-shirt mockup generators online.

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