Customer Support

KFC or Kentucky Fried chicken is one of the largest food chain companies in the world. There is no denying the fact that customers love the fried chicken and all the other items on the menu. We value our customers in the same way customers have been loving our Food.

So, to make sure everything is top-notch and our customers receive the best service from us apart from the food. We have introduced My KFC Experience that focuses on taking Customers Survey and Feedback for further improvement and service.

We have a team full of professionals constantly looking out for the upliftment and benefit of the people. Our team has been in constant research from the feedback we receive to make sure all your queries are resolved at the earliest and we are able to provide better service in the future.

MyKFCExperience Customer Support

My KFC Experience Customers Survey has the sole focus and aims towards the betterment of our customers and the services they receive. We have tons of food chains all over the world in every state. Keeping a track of each one of them is the biggest challenge such that we can track each one in terms of better service.

For even better customer support, we have brought this survey where you will be required to answer certain questions completely related to the food you ordered and the experience further.

Regarding the support and the survey, it will be available on the official site as we are just the medium to guide you through. You need to have a receipt of the order and should be able to speak and write in either English or Spanish as your preferred language. For any queries, you can simply contact our customer support or visit the official site to call or mail us your queries about the survey.

Our Official Social Media Contact List

For more information about the survey or the reward program, you can visit any of our social media handles and contact us through it. As we value our customers the most, we are bound to reply sooner than ever.

If at all you need some help or have any queries unresolved, we would request you to directly visit the and jot down your request on the Contact Us page that has been built only for our customers.

Make sure you are very precise on the request you put up so that we can better serve you. Your queries are our first priority and we would be glad if you could give us at least 24 hours to get back to you at the earliest. We get tons of requests every day and we make sure all of them are answered at the right time and resolve it frequently.