How To Earn Rewards With MyKFCExperience Survey

KFC is working for the sole purpose to provide its customers with the best service and satisfaction in terms of service and the quality of food. We would love to hear your feedback on our service. Simply visit our website here and let us know about the service you received so that we can serve you better the next time.

Once we are done with our research on the surveys and feedback from our valuable customers such as yourself, soon after you will be eligible to receive bonus points, rewards, gift cards, and much more.


To learn more from our regular and valuable customers, we have brought the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey. It will ensure us to have better measurements and improvement towards the service provided to you. For this, customers will be provided with more than one questionnaire annually for a much effective and resourceful process.


Here is a small list of resources you will need to be eligible to participate:

  • A decent working system such as a Laptop, PC, or even a Tablet with a high-speed Internet Connection
  • A Valid KFC Restaurant Receipt of the most recent date with a survey code.
  • Basic Language knowledge (Spoken/Written)- English or Spanish

Instructions- What you should know?

Follow the points below to understand the basic idea before you get started.

  • Go to the Official KFC Site
  • Enter the Invitation Code, ticket number, date and & time of the invitation
  • In case there isn’t any code mentioned in the receipt, follow the instructions further.
  • Answer every question mentioned on the site to proceed.
  • Click on send once done, and receive the promotional code instantly.

How to win $1000 from the KFC Customer Survey?

To win $1000 from the mykfcexperience survey is not an easy task. It all depends on sheer luck and that your answers all the questions asked carefully without leaving out any. This reward program can be only won by a few selected and lucky customers, so make sure you follow the instructions as asked.

Firstly, you will have to visit the official website for the KFC Customer Survey experience From here as mentioned you need to enter all the details asked by the officials on the site step by step. Next, fill out the details such as the invitation code, date and time, receipt number, etc as mentioned on the receipt you have been using for these programs.

Further, once you submit all the information on the site, now move over answering all the questions presented to you as a part of the survey. These will decide your chances to win big and earn the reward for $1000.

These survey questions are only meant for feedback purposes and do not reflect the use of any other personal information. For a much better experience and service from us, you are free to express your opinions through this survey or poll. Click on the Submit button once done. This will automatically enter you for the lucky draw. Wait for our response. You could be the lucky one to win a $1000 reward from KFC.