KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, and there are many benefits that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers to its customers. However, the overall aim of the franchise is to sell every possible product they have. Still, customer service and interaction with employees is an essential factor while trying to collect rewards from KFC. 

Fortunately, the price to earn rewards lies within the vast variety of customer service, employee interaction, and numerous events carried out by KFC to benefit the customers.

How to Earn Reward at KFC? 

In this post, we are going to discuss some important factors that are responsible for making you earn rewards If you act accordingly.

Earn Reward at KFC using PayTM

Everyone might be aware that KFC and PayTM have partnered up to carry various transactions across the stores in India. These partnerships between the two unicorn companies create various rewarding opportunities that benefit the customers of KFC.

However, you can earn up to Rs.200 with your first and second payment transaction using Paytm. To get the benefits, you need to follow the steps carefully :

  • Upon the first use of PayTm at KFC, you will receive a cashback of Rs.150 within 24hr of your payment at the KFC store.
  • Upon the second use of PayTm at KFC, you will receive a cashback of Rs.50 within 24hr of your payment at the KFC store.

Requirements:-  You can only activate the rewards once you have completed both the PayTM payments within the 30 days limit of the offer. Moreover, the amount should exceed Rs.99 to participate in the PayTM offer.

Earn Rewards at KFC by Joining in the KFC Colonel Club

If you are a fond lover of Kentucky Fried Chicken and would love to enjoy some free meals and bonuses, then Colonel club is the way to go. However, If you hardly visit the stores once in a month, then also join the scheme as it has packed exclusive deals for members enrolled in the colonel club. 

Once you have enrolled in the Colonel Club, the benefits are insane. However, some of the newbie benefits are listed below:

  • You will be able to win free food and drinks.
  • Exclusive monthly offers with substantial discounts.
  • Exclusive 15% discount for students.

However, this is not the end. If you scan your card or app( available on iTunes for Apple and Google Play for Android ), you will receive awarding bonuses like :

  • Upon registering to the colonel club, you will receive an automatic free side. 
  • You will receive a chicken stamp with every 3 Euro spent.
  • You will receive two chicken stamps with every 15 Euro spent.

Now, you must be wondering what the use of chicken stamps is. So, you need to realize that these Chicken stamps are going to get you rewards and benefits that you won’t miss. 

You will receive amazing deals and free food with three, seven, and eleven chicken stamps.

Earn rewards at KFC using Survey

You can easily benefit different rewards from KFC. KFC only requires you to provide all the precise details about the behavior and understanding level of employees working in the KFC staff. Moreover, KFC only wants to hear out the loyalty and improvement suggestions that can benefit KFC in the long run.

If you are a loyal customer of KFC, you must be having a valid KFC reception with a research invitation that will be required to fill out a survey and earn benefits.

Following the steps to move ahead:

  • Open the website to fill out survey- mykfcexperience
  • Enter the required data from your search invitation.
  • Answer all the questions honestly.
  • Submit the answers and receive promotional benefits.

Following the process will allow you to submit the Survey and generate a promotional code that will benefit you in the KFC store.

The most fantastic twist that the KFC survey offers – you are already getting the benefits, and you have already enrolled in the 1000 dollar giveaway, which has to be awarded to the person by analyzing the answers given in the Survey. So, do provide all the necessary information accurately and you might win a 1000 dollars.

The Conclusion

KFC is something different. When you talk with your friends about fried chickens, the first thing that comes into your mind is Kentucky Fried Chicken. So, don’t forget to prevail on all the benefits offered by the KFC. 

Moreover, one additional information, You can claim free fries on Friday by downloading the application and showing the server your loyalty proof.